Hamish Blakely - Dormire

I think the title explains the sentiment of this piece. The real challenge here was trying to convey the soporific subject of the painting whilst conveying some sense of character and energy. It sounds like a complete conflict of interests here yet it is so easy to paint a woman asleep as entirely passive, as if she has been placed, bereft of any autonomy. This is not the case when painting Gail. While this is a calming image, we witness the sleeping beauty only for an interval as she may well awaken at any minute. Our very viewing her could interrupt her slumber so we approach with caution and great care. So important in a lot of my work, there is a play between varying textures: skin, sinew, rippling sheets and the marbled stone work in the background. These elements and my interest in them, hopefully all add up to make an arresting image.

Atelier Edition
30" x 40"

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